Earn interest, borrow assets, and build on the most hydrated liquidity protocol on Cardano.
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qADA holders (ADA suppliers) earn both interest and Cardano staking rewards from the ADA market's liquid staking properties.


Borrow any asset supported by the protocol against your qToken balance instantly with no trading fees and no slippage.

Audited Contracts
The Liqwid protocol's Plutus smart contracts have been audited by Vacuumlabs. The final audit report can be found

Voting power and staking rewards are enabled by staking LQ in the Liqwid governance portal.


Aquafarmers is a collection made by Liqwid Finance consisting of 10000 NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain.

By holding one Aquafarmer and staking in the LiqwidDAO you receive a bonus on staking rewards.

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Explore Liqwid and join Cardano’s most community led money market.


Learn how Liqwid markets operate and how you can interact with them.

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The Liqwid protocol is owned and governed by LQ governance token holders.

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Discover the technical partners who we build functional DAO and DeFi products alongside.

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Join Cardano’s most hydrated DeFi community, interact with our community and help shape Liqwid’s future.